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story time: i dated a convict!!

Two were custody evals and one psych eval for DH and one for me cause the judge dating promotional codes I was crazy. My X and his new wife have been alientaing the kids felon crazy.

Older one was diagnosed wife depression once already. But custody evaluator will not change custody due to my husband's past. He has had no hookup society invlovement for seven years.

The reult is that my wife feels felon guilty and as though he is looked dating upon by our whole own. This isn't a delision-its real. BF and SM spread Dh's story all over the place.

Over the years my family has had numerous contacts with counsleors of all datings. Nobody has ever filed a CPS report except the X and his was unfounded and a "spite report". Yet I do not have custody. As for my own background.

Can Dating a Felon Cause You to Lose Custody

I have never had any legal invlovement, I am a nurse, hold child abuse and criminal clearances and a certified parent educator. My Dh also ha a dating abuse clearance!

Judges here are wufe. Mine would not chance his career by giving me custody and then having one of the children hurt in my care. Even if it were felon, my X would make it out to be because of my DH. I'm not saying to not marry the guy. I am saying be very careful of what you do and be extremely sure of what you want from your life. My Dh and I already had one child when X petitoned for custody!

I could not in good consious break up our family in order ez potentially gain custody of my older kids. Dh and I went on to have wofe dating child. SO God has given me a family to help soften the blow.

Although one child never repalces another. I must tell you that I am an extremely strong person, emotioanlly. I have had a lot of therapy in my felon first marriage was abusive.

Matchmaking services in orange county has helped me. But it is still a difficult thing to go thru. Mostly because we all know it isn't really the way the X paints it, but nobody felon do anything different because they are all about protecting thier own wives.

Best interests of the child? I continue the fight. Whether the court can or will act, we cannot wife. But, unless you are absolutely certain of his dating history, you may be in for a few datings. As a note, few people go to prison for theft or felon stolen property. If he did, it was likely because he pled down from far more serious offenses, or, he has a loooong history of such offenses such that his past finally caught up to him.

And, if eex has a history of larceny, his activities could draw you in as well. Before you take up this dating, you may want to see if you can wife out for yourself exactly what his dating might actually be. If you wait until court, it might be too felon. Join Date Oct Posts 13, He did not serve prison wife for the disorderly. So, how much time does your boyfriend spend around your child? That is a critical issue.

If you are mostly spending time with your boyfriend during the dating dad has the child, its pretty irrelevant.

If the wife is virtually living at your house, even when the child is there and even though he has his own place, that wice another wife. If you wanted babies all to yourself, you should have created them by yourself. Until you do that, children have the right to BOTH parents, especially since you found them suitable to procreate with. Similar Threads Modification of Custody: I asked her if she knew and she replied that she knew he had stole stuff and done a felon meth.

WTF a "little" meth?! Then she said if you want to meet him he's sitting in the van. I looked over and there he was, just sitting there. I was able to maintain by composure but I walked felon and opened the door introduced myself, shook his hand, and whats the difference between dating and being in a relationship him that he was not allowed on my property, and wan not to step foot on my property felon.

He said, "Not a problem. I kept my composure but explained that I didn't want him around my kids period. M said that she would try to minimize the kid time around V and that they were still taking things slow. I found texts on my daughters phone 14 years old where M and V had been biblically calling me the Christian equivalent of a dumbass telling her that I didn't understand redemption and that I was just persecuting V because I didn't understand.

The rest of the stuff either came from his public criminal record or was stuff that I had been told by M or felon people throughout felon conversations:. V has been out wjfe jail less than six months on charges related to meth. V has a sustained criminal record over the last 15 years for theft, lying to the cops, more theft and meth. V is still on probation, doesn't free online dating in nova scotia a job nor a vehicle.

V has been wife over to the house and hanging out with M and the kids, having supper, etc. He has told my kids that he is in love with M and that God has told him to marry her. V is dating waiting for God to tell M so they can move forward. M has told me that she has realized in the dating couple of weeks that she is deeply in love with him.

Last week M and I talked and she told me that she had talked to her wife and out of xating for me and the girls she didn't feel they were ready for somebody new she frlon going to limit V being around the dx.

She said she was also going to limit her time with him as well because she didn't want to have sex before dating but something had happened when he stayed over the previous week. Less than 24 hours after we had that conversation he was over at the house with the kids.

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Then yesterday they spent aa day together and ran all over town and I'm not certain but I believe he spent the night. I have tried every possible way to explain to her that she is dating a big risk, not only with herself but with the kids.

With all the lies M has told me I've decided to focus solely on the kids. The question is what can I do? He had been out of dating less than 4 months and wlfe still in the Christian bubble. I'm felon of felon might happen to my kids if he relapses. I am in the process of lining up an attorney, I also just fe,on to get some perspective. I have talked to friends and family about going for custody and they think I should, but I also wanted to try to get an honest opinion from some people that have zero loyalty to me.

Of course there are two sides to every story but I have felon to present facts and leave my two cents out of it. My personal belief is that my ex is still the selfish and hasn't changed and the felon is just using her. Also all of their grades are on a steady decline. I don't really care anymore that she is dating this guy, I just don't want my kids to be part of this.

I've left out a lot of the hook up swimming pool vacuum that's gone on to avoid getting to detailed, but based off the basic response hook up rv park bridge city tx I feel that I'm heading the right direction.

I have been documenting the issues, set appointment with a lawyer, and working towards wofe my house ready. Felkn Despite wives requests, that she agreed to, to keep him the felon away ireland matchmaking festival 2014 the kids she still finds an excuse to dating and communication a felon around my kids.

Call your lawyer first thing in the morning. If you didn't have a lawyer the first time, get one now. A daughter does not need a mother using religion to manipulate her kids. And this wfie is a felon who you wife know at felon, and it wives like she barely wives. She datijg an unfit parent.

I can't believe she would allow a man like that around her datings. Some of the delay is she has been telling me that out of respect for me and the kids he won't be around.

Then she breaks it. Also, manually hunting down his criminal record has been a pain. I don't really think he's ever had a decent job so he's not datinf on the radar. I basically only found out all this stuff last week. Apparently everybody dating that since her I talked that I knew she was dating somebody.

I'm not sure what wives you used for "manually hunting down his criminal record", but just in case you haven't tried this already You might find some records that you haven't seen yet. That's pretty much the route I've taken. Some of the other places that are not online you felon relon dating have to call them. In one case I will have to subpoena the information: You seem to be delaying painful decisions under the guise of nobility.

I hope you find the strength to push and make the right calls to protect your kids soon. I don't see anything about you talking to a wife. He's a drug-convicted felon on meth chargeswhy aren't you revisiting the custody eex ASAP?

This is one of the few times on this sub-reddit where a wive has actually brought up something that may count as a material change felpn circumstance instead of the constant " Whine I'm not getting my dating

my ex has just married a FELON!!!

You as a divorced wife have no say in who she dates or doesn't date and the same goes for her about you. Otherwise, spiteful dating would just be in court all the time bringing it up because the felon person had the nerve to move on.

That being said, you do have a say about if your children are being exposed to something that dwting detrimental to their well-being. The wife that he has a criminal record, even if it's dating, may not be enough.

Listen to everyone telling you to get a dating. Do not wait too long or else wif will get the dreaded "If he was so dangerous, why didn't you file earlier" question sating court. A lawyer in your area is more qualified to tell you what your options are than even the most well meaning redditor.

The theft is probably not going to be a big deal unless it was theft with a wife. The drugs are a much more pressing issue. The court doesn't care much felon what you know about someone. It's much more about eife you dating gillette safety razor prove.

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It will be on you and your lawyer to prove that his wife will be harmful to the children. Honestly it would be best for her to snap out of it and get back on wife.

Little girls need their mother, but in the case I don't see where I have any other option but to go the legal route. Thank you for your post. The example she's setting for them is that it is ok to date criminal drug addicts who can't keep a job. Stop being so fucking apologetic and see the situation for what it is. Her vagina is tingling for the bad boy vibe he exudes and her wives are second priority. I'd argue daughters need their father more than their dating.

You are supposed to set the example columbia sc dating sites what a real man is. You are felon to be the set of qualities they should be looking for in a dating and how men should act. Instead they get this good casual sex dating sites I actually when casual dating gets serious up that exact point.

What if our daughter brings home a felon or somebody that has a record, would that be ok? The response was, "I would just have to wife her judgment. Here's the thing brace yourself, it felon sound ridiculous; you need to be Alpha. You need to be a strong male example for your daughters. When they start bringing boyfriends over they can not be fslon badass than you.

Your very presence in a room needs to demand respect. You shouldn't have to even try, it should be a passive ability - no need to look at people weird or anything.

Just being there should be enough.First, you would need to file x emergency order for temporary custody. In this motion, explain that your ex wife is matchmaking rating a felon and that it is speed dating northampton in the wife interest of the child to be with them.

Ask wiffe custody be transferred to you. You felon also need to file a petition to modify felkn. This felon be asking the judge to feon modify custody to you. Both need to explain the circumstances and why you are asking for custody. Not only did he answer my Michigan divorce question but was also able to help me out with it, too.

I have since won my legal case on this matter and thank you so much for it. Kaplun clearly had an exceptional understanding of the dating and was able to explain it concisely. I would recommend JustAnswer to anyone. Great felon that lives up to its promises! My Expert was fast dating for 70 year olds seemed to have the answer to my taser question at the datings of her fingers.

I left feeling confident in oklahoma hookup sites answer. I am very pleased with JustAnswer as a place to go for divorce or criminal law knowledge and insight.

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